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IPhone XR Cheats

Best iPhone XR Features

The Apple iPhone XR was launched in the year 2018, but Apple continues to sell it along with other iPhones like the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro along the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The smartphone that is completely button-free for all is equipped with a huge 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD display as well as a […]

How To Turn On Haptic Touch

What is Haptic Touch? Haptic Touch functions as a kind of right-click it allows iPhone XR owners to activate buttons and menus that normally would not be accessible. When you activate Haptic Touch on a notification such as this one, provides an additional option for managing notifications. Another instance of how Haptic Touch could be […]

Top iPhone XR Features Secrets

Hands-On, with some of the top iPhone XR features. Check it out. How’s it going, guys. We are looking right now at the iPhone 10r. Ah, this is a very highly anticipated release for Apple. It is not the top of the line iPhone that claims it goes to the iPhone 10 s in 10 […]

iPhone Xr Screen Wake Up Tips and Tricks

iPhone XR Screen Wake Up Secret Another tech one of the newer interactions with the iPhone XR that wasn’t available on any previous LCD iPhones ranging all the way back from the first iPhone is the way you turn on the screen. So if you’re used to an iPhone you know that you have sleep-wake […]