How to Customize  iPhone Xr Control Panel

I told you guys I want to show you how you can actually customize the control center so what you want to do is you want to go into the control center in the general settings right over here and then from your tap on customized controls. And from here you can add or remove controls from that control center. Now the ones on the top are already included and the ones on top are the ones you can include she can also remove stuff.


If I don’t need the home button I can remove it just like that but if I want stuff I can just add stuff I can add apple tv remote in the low power mode I want to add the screen recording and I’m going to add the voice memos. So now we have all these options in the actual control center as you can see it has grown. OK. So that’s the voice memo. That’s a screen recording. Now let me show you one thing really quick. If you go back here and if you press and hold this is a screen recording it’s going to record the screen as you use your device. So if I tap on this button here.

Sorry if you tap on the start recording button It’s going to start to record is going to count down. And now let me show you what’s happening over here. So if I go out just like that swipe over a couple of times on the top you’ll see a red icon it’s. That means that the screen is being recorded. Then you go back here when you want to stop it. Again President Hall and tablets stop recording. So that video gets saved into the photo. So let me go to the photos right now show you what that looks like. So if I launch photos it’s going to be sitting at the bottom here. If I tap this guy I can click play and it’s actually playing the same thing I just recorded. So you can do this to make tutorials or whatever you want to. It’s a nice little option to have. So that’s a control center. All right so next tip.