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What is Haptic Touch?

Haptic Touch functions as a kind of right-click it allows iPhone XR owners to activate buttons and menus that normally would not be accessible. When you activate Haptic Touch on a notification such as this one, provides an additional option for managing notifications. Another instance of how Haptic Touch could be beneficial can be found within the Control Center in which users can hold and tap an icon for more specific control over the feature.

To notify the user of the possibility that Haptic Touch has been activated, iOS generates a small vibration that simulates clicking.

How to Turn on Haptic Touch

1. Open Settings, then tap Accessibility.

2. Tap Touch.

3. How to Turn on Haptic Touch Tap 3D and Haptic Touch. Based on the device you own, only the 3D Touch or the Haptic Touch option may be available. To activate 3D Touch, turn on the feature, and then utilize the slider to choose the sensitivity level. If you want to use Haptic Touch, choose a speed of touch, and then touch the screen to check your settings.