Go to the settings. I’m going to go into the actual general. Go to accessibility. And I want you guys to enable this thing over here. That’s known as the assistive touch. If you tap on it boom you’ve got a software button right over here. Now when you tap on this button it expands you can use it to go back home. You can tap it. You can tap on the device. You can actually tap on more and you can take a screenshot with the software button.

And again this soccer button can be placed anywhere on the screen and when it’s not being used it just kind of goes to the side and grays out. OK. So it’s it’s very non-intrusive. It’s also customizable. So you have all these up you can bring on control center just by tapping it. But if you do go to the settings you can actually tap on the customized top-level menu. You can remove everything and maybe you can tap or here and just choose the home. So now is just a standalone home button when you tap it. It just does one function. Same with if I tap it again I can even do it for a screenshot. If I go back over here tap on this now it’s a standalone screenshot but if I tap it takes a screenshot. OK. So either you can use it for multiple functions or just one functionality.