iPhone 10r camera is supers, I will let you know everything about it. Also if you present to hold the button and take a screenshot. One more thing I’m not sure you guys can just sweep us away if you don’t want to edit so you can just be swept away it goes away. And of course, as you know the camera in the iPhone 10r is the same primary camera phone on the iPhone tennis. So it is capable of recording some amazing video. So I want to make sure that you guys understand all the options you can access and modify with the video recording. So when you launch the camera and you swipe over to video by default and read iPhone XR wake up.

Videos Camera – 4k High-Quality Video Recording

This one is recording at 10 ATP at 30 frames per second which you want to do is you want to go to the settings over here and then you want to go to the general settings in the main screen and then scroll down all the way towards this camera. And then from here, you want to modify the actual video recording options. If you tap on this one you can choose between different formats such as a fork. So if I do 10 ATP at 60 frames per second and go back to the camera you’ll see on the top is going to see HD and 60.

High Definition 60 Frames Per Second Videos

So that means high definition 60 frames per second if I go back up here I tap on this one and go back into the camera. You’ll see it says fork at 24 frames per second so just be aware of these things. If you do forget 60 you will see four K at 60 on the top corner on the right. So make sure that you’re aware of what quality that you’re recording it I recommend tended to be at 60 off for the best quality and also for not wasting too much storage space because as you go higher the storage space increases how much storage that videotapes and there is a breakdown here. For example, a one-minute video at four gets 60 frames per second is going to be four hundred megabytes but if you do a 10 ATP at 60 frames per second it’s going to be nineteen megabytes so that’s almost four times more storage space waste.

You can do the same thing with a slow-motion recording so if I go back over here and if I swipe over the default to the slow-motion with these iPhone XR tips the default is a slow-motion at 240 frames per second which is what I recommend you have which you can do this as well. Again it’s going to take less space as you can read over here. And if I go back over here it says HD 120 on the top. So you are aware of the modifications that you made to your camera’s recording capability. Of course, if you go back here make sure this one is enabled. It’s capable the phone is capable of recording the stereo song in a video. So make sure this is in fact enabled over here.