Now one more thing about you guys is how to create shortcuts using Siri so you can actually say little thanks to Siri to do more. So I have to say full phrases you can just say one word and Siri can use that one word as a shortcut to execute a longer comment. So if I go to settings if I go into Siri and search and if I go to shortcuts I can tap or here and just to give an example let’s say I will record a voice memo. OK so I can tap on plus or here and I want to add this command to Siri but I just want to say memo or just record or just voice memo so let’s say like this let’s do it like this enable Siri. Voice memo. Now when I go to Syria and say. Voice. Memo. Voice. Memo. Nose to launch the voice memos and start to record an actual recorder.

Okay. As you saw. So that’s a creepy series shortcuts. The more you use your phone you can see more options listed here but you can always come here and customize and add even more. And of course, if you want to actually delete something you go over here you go to my shortcuts. That’s the current shortcut that I have when I say voice memos. It starts to record a new voice memo. I can tap on edit and I can delete this if I don’t want it.

iPhonexr is customizable. So those are sharing Siri shortcuts. Just keep using your phone and more and more shortcuts are going to appear. Well thank you for reading this article guys. Make sure to subscribe our blog for more good articles to come and of course give this article a thumbs up and drop comments or questions down below.