Now another trick for everyone out there, is that face I.D. on the iPhone XR is probably new to you? So if you’re coming from those older iPhones you’ve been used to touch I.D. and they have some really good tricks and tips for you for face I.D. The first one being is that face I.D. is more secure than touch I.D. but there also is a downside to it. Say you’re handing over your phone to someone that you don’t trust or maybe your hand your phone over to someone that you don’t want to have access to your phone.

One of the disadvantages with face idea is that they could actually potentially take the phone and pointed at your face to unlock it. So if someone asks for your phone say you’re at a security checkpoint if you’re going traveling somewhere and you don’t want anyone to see any sort of information of your phone all you have to do is hold these side button of the sleep wake button and the volume up and down button and that will actually lock the phone and when you lock the phone like that you’ll see an emergency area where you can actually call for help send an S.O.S out but it will also disable face idea on the phone if someone tried to steal your phone from you or try to take it from you.

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All you have to do is just quickly hold those two buttons down it will immediately disable face I.D. and require you to enter a passcode so if you’re handing your phone over to someone if they want to take a look at it and you don’t really trust them you think they might unlock it just quickly lock that phone down and you’ll be more secure. Now another benefit to having face I.D. on the iPhone is something that is called attention aware feature and so with the iPhone XR are you can actually go into the settings.

Scroll down to face I.D. and passcodes. Make sure you enter in your passcode and then from there you can actually go down and you can see that you have a slider for a tension aware features. So what the attention or a feature does is actually have face IDC to see if you are looking at your device and if it knows you’re looking at your device you can actually do some pretty cool things like it won’t dim the screen if you’re looking at an article and you’re reading it a face I.D. actually sees your eyes looking at the screen it won’t preemptively dim the phone and vice versa. If you look away from your phone it’ll actually dim the screen faster.