If you tap on the settings you have this new option called a screen time that allows you to manage your smartphone. It actually looks at how you spend your time on your phone and gives you options to limit your usage of useless applications such as social media or just blind gaming and stuff like that. So if you’re just game too much you will know and then you can. You’ll be able to set down times and limits on those applications that waste your time. So with downtime if I tap on this one I can enable this. Let’s just start the downtime for twelve forty nine right now which might show you what happens when you do it and then ended at seven. Now if I go to back over here and if I go to

the app limits I can add some limits on my applications such as games social networking entertainment creativity just pick out all of it all right click ad and then let’s do one hour per day per visa applications go right back and then what I can do is I can go to always allowed and these are the apps that are going to be allowed no matter what. Things like the form messages and stuff like that. I can disable those as well. OK.

Except for the form because a phone is a very important. But now when I go back out the applications that are not in the allowed list are going to be blacked out if I tap on it is going to say you have reached your time limit on that application. This is especially good for actual games so it’s not imported with a mail application with games it’s going to work. So let me just disable that for now. I would just want to show you guys how to work it. And of course I recommend you set up a screen time passcode tap on this one. Just pick something right now when you try to go inside here is can ask for a passcode so nobody can come here and change your settings without your authorization.

Now one more thing I want to talk about is called the restrictions so let me go into the actual settings not the restrictions actually reside under screen time is the fourth option here. So basically if you go inside and ask for your passcode make sure that’s enabled. And this allows you to actually if you enable it like that allows you to restrict certain applications even when your phone is unlocked and you hand it over to somebody. So I can go to my tunes and app store purchases. I can actually disabled people from installing applications unless this option is enabled if I say don’t all. Nobody can install applications even if they have my phone which is a good thing because some might someone might install things you don’t want.

Now you can also disable people from deleting applications that you can. You can allow people not to delete anything. Now if this is allowed and if I go back out if I do the press and hold the app start to wiggle and you see an x symbol you can delete or disable applications but if you actually go back in here dumping the passcode over here.

Don’t allow this. Now when I go back out if I tap and hold the apps I’m going to wiggle. But it’s not going to allow me to delete anything so that’s great for security of your smartphone. Let me go back in here. You can do a lot of other things like that. You can actually go to apps. You can disable all these apps. So. So look at that male safari camera. Well have been disabled. When I go back out you’re not even going to see them right here. Camera’s gone. Mail is gone. So you can actually hide things on your phone this way. OK.

Again this is only good if you’re given your phone away to your friends your family members and even your kids. So this makes sure crazy things don’t happen on your phone while you’re not looking. OK. So just go going here. Take a look at these. You can also do content restrictions and everything. So it’s a great security feature as well.