iPhone xr portrait tips part two, this tip on the iPhone XR is the fact that you can now do portrait mode with just a single lens on this camera. This is a feature a lot of you know about but what you might not notice is that you actually get a wide-angle version of the portrait mode on the iPhone XR. This isn’t available on the iPhone X on the iPhone Xs on the iPhone XMax or even on the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus model.

You might be asking yourself well how this is necessarily a tip. And that is that you can take advantage of this wide-angle aperture you actually can let more light into the single lens aperture than you can on the portrait mode on the iPhone XR. And that means you can actually get lower light portrait shots and wider angled portrait shots or really take advantage of that.

iPhone xr portrait tips

iPhone xr portrait tips

If you have an iPhone XR, get closer to a subject than you could with the iPhone 10 Max. You can blur out more background you can get a wider angle of focus and you can also take some really nice night mode portrait shots with the iPhone XR you’ve been playing around with the iPhone XR portrait mode.

You may have noticed that the portrait mode only works on human faces right now and that actually is a disadvantage compared to the iPhone X. You can take portrait mode of objects of animals as well as human faces and you might be missing that feature fortunately for you there is an app called how lead and the app store and they can actually re-enable portrait mode shots of objects of pets of other things that you might want to take a portrait mode besides human faces to the App Store I believe Halley does cost money but you can download it and once you download it from the App Store you can actually open up the camera app and you can go into it and you will actually see an option on the iPhone XR for death although that option on and then you can go ahead.

Take a picture as you normally would of a pet of an object and it will actually enable portrait mode on objects and not just on human faces. I think the portrait mode on the iPhone XR in this app with objects isn’t as good as the iPhone 10 but it is a nice improvement to actually have the option to take a portrait mode even if it’s not as good as the 10 and you can easily disable and enable it inside of the elite app and you can see how the blur is applied to that portrait mode shot really cool that they can actually enable, this was just the single lens hopefully Apple finds a way through a software update to actually add portrait mode of objects of pets to these single lines on the iPhone 10r and it doesn’t remain a future that only the iPhone 10s can do.