iPhone XR Screen Wake Up Secret

Another tech one of the newer interactions with the iPhone XR that wasn’t available on any previous LCD iPhones ranging all the way back from the first iPhone is the way you turn on the screen. So if you’re used to an iPhone you know that you have sleep-wake wake side button and you can tap that to turn on the screen but you’re probably also used to having a home button. If you’re coming from an iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 and the iPhone XR does not have a home button. So maybe you’re wondering.

iPhone Xr 3D Touch Alternative


OK, how do I quickly turn on the screen without a home button? Fortunately, the iPhone 10r is the first LCD phone to support tap to wake for an iPhone. So you have to do with the iPhone XR just tap on the screen and it will actually turn on feature is actually first available on the Apple Watch with that OLED display in the way Apple implemented it and now it’s actually available on the iPhones and it’s going to be available on the new iPad pros as well.


So really cool to see Apple figure out a way to bring tap to wake to the LCD screens.