Now obviously it’s a security feature. If somebody else has access to all this it’s kind of a violation of Security or if somebody has access to today’s screen. It’s also a violation of privacy because you might actually have some private messages that show up here. So if your phone is locked you want to make sure that people cannot just open it and go like that to bring down the control center or the today’s screen. So right now you want to find the phone is locked somebody can tap on this and just make a modification to my actual house or they can go into any one of these settings and just modify stuff on my phone that I may not want.

All right so they can also access today’s screen that you don’t want happening. So let me go inside show you how to hide that again.

Go to the settings go to face sodium passcode dumping your passcode scroll down all the way over here and make sure you disable these options so allow access when locked. Right now it’s yes yes yes yes yes. So people can access Siri control center notifications. Today’s view reply with a message they can reply to messages and they have offshore access to home control and everything. OK so what you can do is you can disable these guys for the sake of security and then when you lock your phone somebody will come they’ll try to pull stuff down and they’re not going to have access to anything. OK. And that’s the way it should be. If your phone is locked unless you’re in a trustworthy location that’s a different story. Let’s talk about screen time.