Apple just released its latest set of iPhones, including the iPhone XR, and people are excited to learn some of the top iPhone XR tips and tricks 2018. Now that the devices are available to the public, we can let you in on the iPhone XR hidden features that you need to know about.

Activate Siri With The Hold Of A Button (And Pay)

Calling Siri to the forefront is as simple as holding down the button on the right of your iPhone XR. This is bound to be one of the top iPhone XR tricks as it makes accessing one of the key features so easy.

You can use the same button to pay, just double tap it instead of hold and Apple Pay will pop up. You will still be required to unlock Apple Pay, it is just a quicker way to access the feature so you don’t have to spend as long in the checkout line.

No More Home Button? No Problem – iPhone XR tips and tricks 2018

Knowing how to access the home of your iPhone is possibly one of the most important Apple hacks. At the bottom of the screen you will see a white line that can be dragged up when the phone is locked. This allows you to go home. If you are in an app though, you won’t see a white line. Just drag the bottom up to the top of the screen.

To switch between apps, drag up and to the right. If you release your finger, it will switch to the previous app. If you hold, the app manager will come up and display all of your “open” apps.

Swipe Down For Cover Sheet or Control Center

On the top left corner, you will see your time and date. Swipe down from here to access the Cover Sheet (aka your notifications window).

To access control center, swipe down from the top right corner. This is an important iPhone XR cheat since you no longer access it be swiping up.

Create Custom Animated Emojis

Using Apple’s new Animoji’s you can create custom emoji animation by recording your facial movement. In a message, tap the App Store icon and find Animoji. Then pick the one you want and select the record.

The maximum time you can record an Animoji is 111 seconds.

iphone xr tips and tricks 2018

Take A Screenshot, The iPhone XR Way

On the iPhone XR you can take a screenshot by pressing the button on the right side and the volume up button. A simple iPhone XR hack.

Hard Restart Your iPhone XR

Doing a hard reset on any electronic device is sometimes needed. In the case of the iPhone XR, it is a three step process. Press the power up button and release. Then press volume down and release. Initiate the restart by holding down the right side button.

Increase Your 4K FPS

Having a higher FPS when shooting in 4K can result in better quality videos. By default though, the iPhone XR is set to record at 30 FPS. To increase the FPS go to Settings then find the camera and under record video, you can change up the quality. You can also turn down the quality if you so desire.

Fully Utilize Your iPhone XR Screen

When using the YouTube app (or any other video apps) pinch the screen and expand your fingers to zoom in on the video. The video will then be zoomed to fill the entire screen.

Make Face ID More Secure

What happens if someone points your phone at you with Face ID on in an attempt to unlock the device? With the default settings, the device will unlock whether you are looking at it or not. Under the Face ID settings, you can turn on Attention For Face ID which makes the device require you to be looking at it in order to unlock.

Under Face ID settings you can also click Other Apps. This will allow you to control what apps require a pin/password and which ones will allow facial recognition.

Take these iPhone XR hidden features and iPhone XR tips to mind and you will be using your phone quicker soon. These phones are remarkable devices and there are so many things that you can do with them. Make sure to stay tuned as we learn even more about them.