iPhone Xr Troubleshooting

When a powerful smartphone like the Apple iPhone Xr shuts down by itself and would no longer turn back on. The problem could either minor or a very complicated hardware issue. You really can’t tell what the issue is especially if there are no signs of physical or liquid damage.

As the owner. You must do some basic troubleshooting to determine the problem and hopefully fix it. At least before you decide to take a trip to the Apple Store. Continue reading as I will walk you through and troubleshooting your iPhone Xr. Before we proceed.

iPhone Xr Troubleshooting

iPhone Xr Troubleshooting

The following are potential solutions to power issues affecting both Old and New Age iOS devices. Many of these methods can potentially fix your iPhone for as long as no hardware damage is present. If your iPhone XR suddenly won’t turn on after you accidentally dropped it or got it wet then your device likely needs service. But before rushing to the Apple Genius Bar You can still try these work around.

The first iPhone Xr Troubleshooting solution  – Charge your iPhone XR

Charge your iPhone XR. Try to rule out the most obvious reason. Your iPhone might have completely run out of power and therefore needs charging. That said connected to the charger and then give it enough time to recharge. If possible plug it into a wall outlet to charge up on time. Also, ensure that you’re using an apple supply charger or the one that came with it.

Second  iPhone Xr Troubleshooting Solution – Force restart your iPhone X

Force restart your iPhone X while it’s charging. An iPhone that won’t turn on doesn’t always mean that it ran out of power. It’s also possible that the phone got stuck on black screen due to system errors and rogue apps. In this case, you can carry out a forced restart while your iPhone X R is plugged into the charger. Performing a force restart clears out errant apps and system errors that might have caused your device to be stuck on black screen. It works the same as the usual soft reset when it comes to dealing with random system issues but carried out using the hardware keys. Here’s how it’s done. Quickly press and release the volume up button. Then quickly press and release the volume down button. Now. Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears and then release it. This process doesn’t affect any safe data on the phone’s internal memory. So creating backups won’t be necessary. Just let your iPhone boot up and finish charging. If your iPhone Xr continues to be unresponsive after doing those procedures then it’s time to bring it to the Genius Bar or at least schedule an appointment. It is possible that the problem is with the hardware. There’s only so much you can do with an iPhone that won’t turn on. However, if the device actually turned on. But the same problem keeps on happening. Then the following methods may help you address the issue.

The Third iPhone Xr Troubleshooting Solution Restore your iPhone Xr

The best way to address possible firmware related issues is to restore your iPhone Xr. This process can result in data loss. Thus creating backups beforehand is advised. You can attempt to backup files in iTunes if possible. Then follow these steps to perform a recovery mode restore on your iPhone Xr through a tune. Plug your iPhone X siren to your computer using the original lightning cable to USP port. Wireless connected to press and quickly release the volume up button. Then quick press and release the volume down button. Next. Press and hold the side button and continue to hold as it restarts don’t release the side button when the Apple logo appears as you need to put the device in a recovery state. Release the side button when you see the connector item and logo on the screen. Go to iTunes then you should see a message saying that you’re connected OS device is in recovery mode and prompts options to update or restore. Select the restore option to wipe everything from the phone system and then restore Io OS through iTunes. Refer to the rest of the on-screen instructions in 12 is to complete the iOS recovery mode restore. You may then choose to restore from a previous backup or set up your iPhone as new. After doing all these and the problem keeps on coming back then you should bring it back to the store and have the tech check it for you.

If it’s an issue with the hardware it might be replaced with a new unit as long as the problem is covered by warranty. I hope that we’ve been able to help you make your iPhone next star turn back on. Feel free to contact us if you need more help.