So that’s it. Let me show you something with the face. If you tap settings and if you go back to general settings and if you go to actual faceI.D. and passcode are missing you already set this up. Let me dump in my password. There’s a couple options here. I want you guys to be aware of with a faceI.D. to attention specific features. Now this one here if it’s enabled it says now this one says require attention for faceI.D. So basically if you actually are using the faceI.D. this option is enabled the camera the setup or here is going to know when you’re actually looking at the device. OK.


Now Apple Pay With iPhone Xr Face ID

So if you’re asleep nobody can grab the phone and put in front of your face to unlock your phone or the camera has to know that you’re paying attention and you’re looking at the actual camera. And that’s when it unlocks the actual smartphone with your faceI.D. It’s just a security tactic that’s very useful. Now this one is the attention or feature so again if this is enabled and if you’re looking at your phone directly it’s not going to dim the display or shut off the phone. It only shuts off the phone or the display when you’re looking away from it if you’re looking at it. It’s going to make sure it remains turned on again the faceI.D. system here keeps track of your eyeballs and of course on the top here you have a couple options you can set up an alternate appearance so if you want to make it even more if you wear sunglasses all the time or if you wear wigs and stuff you can set up an alternate appearance using different things on your own your face. And of course, make sure all these are enabled so you can use your face I don’t like the iPhone make purchases on iTunes use Apple Pay and do auto fills for your passwords.

All right so that’s the faceI.d. System. Let’s continue talking about some more security that’s very important. So basically I want to show you one thing if I pulled the control center down and if I press and hold on this this is an option that allows me to control accessories in my house.