We can do that as well or he can just do this to switch between applications. Fantastic. Let’s move on now to access your control center you have to swipe up from the top right over here. So that’s going to give you access to a control center if you want to access your notifications and you’re today’s screen. You can have to swipe from this site and come down.

So as you can see if I swipe from here from the middle it’s going to bring down today’s screen. But if I swipe from the top right is going to bring down my control center. And while we are in the control center. Let me show you something really quickly. The iPhone 10 or does not have 3-D touch with what you can do is you can actually press and hold on any one of these buttons to expand their functionality. So if I press and hold on the music application of music control it’s going to expand to give me this expanded view. And from here I have a bigger controller and also some options at the bottom here that I can modify. OK, I can play good and extract chains of volume from here even. And basically everything I can do in the music application and the same thing applies to the brightness if you press and hold it can expand it from here you can adjust your brightness and lower it or whatever you want to do. You can even turn on the night shift option turn on or turn it off and also crouton on and off.

And the same thing with the volume press and hold you’ve got the volume slider camera you press and hold. You get all these options to take a selfie record a camera. I’m sort of video scan a QR code. Take a portrait shot and of course you have all these other options if you do the flashlight it’s going to allow you to turn it on and even set levels for the brightness intensity of your flashlight turn off go right back. So that’s a control center. It can also be customized. I’m sure that in a minute. But let’s go. Continue with the other stuff if you wanted to access Siri. You have a couple options now.

If you order the settings and if you go to our actual Siri you have these options you can listen for that phrase. Also when you say Hey Siri is going to actually launch Siri as you can see let me cancel that or what you can do is you can press and hold the power button and that’s going to allow you to talk directly to Siri. So if I present to hold the power button individually Siri comes right up.

All right. So we’re going to go right back. The other thing is if you want to power off your device which you have to do is you have to press the power button and the volume donkey at the same time. Because if you present all the power button individually it brings up Siri so press power volume Down Power. It’s going to give it that option where you can slide to power off. So let’s cancel that also. And the next thing is if you press off volume up and power at the same time it will take a screenshot. So let’s do that so you can see exactly what I’m talking about. So

if you press together boom there’s a screenshot you get this photo at the bottom you can tap on it to expand it you can resize it if you want to. Just like that. So I can resize the screenshot. I can write on it if I want to highlight something specific. And then you can just tap on this button and save it or whatever. I’m just going to say done it’s going to give me the option to delete it or save it on to save it. It goes to my photos now.