With the release of the iPhone XR, it’s time to get familiar with this phone that can do a lot more than just call. These 9 tips and tricks will help you navigate your new device like an expert in no time:

Which one of your favorite Hollywood actors don’t know how to use his smartphone? We’re not talking about the jokes, rather some new tricks for iPhone XR that you can discover and try. Why don’t we start with 10 simple things you might want to learn before using this device in 2021:

The iPhone XR is a great device to have. But sometimes, there are some things you just don’t know how to do with it because they’re not intuitive or easy for the user. For this reason, we wanted to share our most favorite and helpful tips on what tricks can help make your life easier in 2021! These include turning off Auto-Capitalization, using 3D Touch gestures when scrolling through messages from one contact at a time (this prevents accidentally deleting something), making use of Siri Shorter commands by speaking into your phone’s mic instead of typing out words that may be misunderstood as other ones – these features will ensure you never miss an important message again!

1) To access Control Center by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen or using two fingers on the home button.
2) Swipe right is for forwarding face ID unlock while swipe left locks phone again.
3). Tap next to the email address field to start composing mail without having to open the Mail app first! 4). Drag down any notification banner at the top-right corner (like alarm clock icon), then tap “edit” so remove apps as well as notifications you don’t want showing anymore

Without Touching the iPhone XR Take the Photos

Never miss another precious moment with your friends, family, or child. Your iPhone’s camera is always there for you to capture those full moments in life but sometimes we get so busy and are not able to take the time out of our day for that perfect event happening around us. With this new trick from Apple EarPods, it’ll never be a problem again! Pressing the volume button on these earphones will let you snap photos without having to touch anything else! This way all hands can stay steady as possible while capturing every movement going on surrounding them at an amazing resolution up-to-8 megapixels

How To Set Up AssistiveTouch

Apple’s iPhone has many novel features but for people with sight and hearing impairments, they can be difficult to use. That is why Apple made Accessibility Settings available in the General section of our settings app so that everyone could have a better experience on their iPhones. One feature I like very much about Assistive Touch is how it lets me set up my phone just as I need it right away by using one button instead of going through multiple screens or having additional devices which are often needed for other disabilities such as blindness or deafness – two common examples.

Alerts Notification with Flash

The iPhone XR is the perfect device for those who prefer a visual notification alert instead of regular ringtones, vibrations, or even music. Head to Settings > Accessibility> Audio/Visual and switch on LED Flash for alerts toggle so that notifications are accompanied by illuminating light from your phone’s camera flash if you’re not looking at it when they come in!

The latest release in Apple’s flagship series offers users more customization options than ever before – now including customizing how their phones notify them with settings like sound, vibration, text tone, etc., as well as changing up what colors look best against their own personal style or mood. A great option accessible under Options is called “LED Light Notifications” which turns on the lights built into many

It’s been almost two years since Apple released the iPhone XR and we are still learning new things about it. We wanted to share some of our favorite life hacks that can make your experience with this device better. For example, did you know that if you turn off auto-capitalization in settings then you won’t have to keep pressing shift every time?

One tip is to use Siri Shorter. This feature can be turned on in settings, and it will allow you to speak into your phone’s mic instead of typing out words that may not have been spelled correctly on the first try– this prevents accidentally deleting something important! It also recognizes voice commands for things like “text name a message.”

Using Siri Shorter commands, you can also dictate text messages to someone without having to type out all the words and spell them correctly on your first try. The best part is that it works in any app!- this prevents accidentally deleting something important! It also recognizes voice commands for things like “text name a message.”

Rumor: ‘iPhone XR’ is the lowest priced phone in Apple’s lineup. This price point makes it more affordable to people who may not be able to afford an iPhone even if they would prefer one over other devices, or for those who use their phone less and would rather have a cheaper device.

The iPhone XR has many other features that make it worth the $750 price. A few of these include FaceID, wireless charging, Super Retina display with HDR support– even though this is not available on Apple’s more expensive models like the iPhone X- Max

The iPhone XR also comes with an upgraded camera. It has a 12MP back-facing and a frontal sensor of just seven megapixels, but it is still able to take great pictures. Some people like the cheaper price because they can use their phone less often or for different purposes– this doesn’t mean that they don’t care about quality

Sometimes, the iPhone XR even lasts longer than other phones. Its battery life is said to be better because of its newer A13 Bionic processor and Apple’s new L-shaped nickel battery design. This means that people who use their phone less often can use it for longer

The iPhone XR is also a great option if you don’t want to upgrade your phone as often and are looking for something more affordable. It’s worth the $750 price, but sometimes people get scared off by that number– especially those who can afford an expensive device! This does not mean that they are not interested in quality

This device is a good option for people who don’t want to upgrade their phone as often or those who can afford an expensive device. However, sometimes the price scares off some customers– especially those that could easily afford an expensive version but aren’t looking for something more than what this device offers