Hands-On, with some of the top iPhone XR features. Check it out. How’s it going, guys. We are looking right now at the iPhone 10r. Ah, this is a very highly anticipated release for Apple. It is not the top of the line iPhone that claims it goes to the iPhone 10 s in 10 s Max. However, it should easily be the more popular iPhone, in my opinion, because of what it offers for the price.


Value of the Money – iPhone XR

When it comes to pure value, this phone is definitely a better buy than the iPhone 10 s and in some respects, this phone is actually better than the iPhone 10 s, which is hard to believe. But yeah, it is true. We’ll discuss that in a little bit. So inside the box, you get your typical iPhone stuff. On the phone, of course, you get some documentation. You get this little guy right here, your 5-watt adapter, which is going to charge’s your phone super slow, but it gets the job done.

Does iPhone XR Come with Fast Charging?


And yeah, they’re still packing that in there, even though the phone is capable of fast charging. You also get a pair of ear pods that connect to your iPhone using a lightning connection. Of course, no 3.5mm headphone jack and no dongle in the box either to connect legacy headphones. So keep that in mind. You also have your lightning cable which can connect to your power adapter or connect to your Mac if you want to sync with your Mac.

iPhone XR Hardware Specification

We’ve checked out the hardware. Let’s briefly look at some of the documentation. Of course, you get your welcome or materials there which kind of introduce you to how to use your phone, which actually can be pretty useful this time around, especially if you’re upgrading from an iPhone eight iPhone 7, one of the phones with a physical home button. That documentation might indeed learn you something. You also have SIM and Jack tools, some regulatory information, and of course, what we’ve been waiting on.