Hands-On, with some of the top iPhone XR features. Check it out. How’s it going, guys. We are looking right now at the iPhone 10r. Ah, this is a very highly anticipated release for Apple. It is not the top of the line iPhone that claims it goes to the iPhone 10 s in 10 s Max. However, it should easily be the more popular iPhone, in my opinion, because of what it offers for the price.


Value of the Money – iPhone XR

When it comes to pure value, this phone is definitely a better buy than the iPhone 10 s and in some respects, this phone is actually better than the iPhone 10 s, which is hard to believe. But yeah, it is true. We’ll discuss that in a little bit. So inside the box, you get your typical iPhone stuff. On the phone, of course, you get some documentation. You get this little guy right here, your 5-watt adapter, which is going to charge’s your phone super slow, but it gets the job done.

Does iPhone XR Come with Fast Charging?


And yeah, they’re still packing that in there, even though the phone is capable of fast charging. You also get a pair of ear pods that connect to your iPhone using a lightning connection. Of course, no 3.5mm headphone jack and no dongle in the box either to connect legacy headphones. So keep that in mind. You also have your lightning cable which can connect to your power adapter or connect to your Mac if you want to sync with your Mac.

iPhone XR Hardware Specification

We’ve checked out the hardware. Let’s briefly look at some of the documentation. Of course, you get your welcome or materials there which kind of introduce you to how to use your phone, which actually can be pretty useful this time around, especially if you’re upgrading from an iPhone eight iPhone 7, one of the phones with a physical home button. That documentation might indeed learn you something. You also have SIM and Jack tools, some regulatory information, and of course, what we’ve been waiting on.


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Wait for it. Yes, indeed. The Apple stickers. There you go. My job’s done here. But seriously, let’s talk price. Let’s compare it to the iPhone 10 s, which starts at a thousand dollars and goes all the way up to thirteen hundred and fifty dollars for 512 gigabytes of storage. Now compare that to the iPhone.

iPhone XR secrets

iPhone XR secrets

Pay $50 Extra to Get Double Space iPhone XR

iPhone XR none of the configurations go over a thousand dollars and you can get in the game for just seven hundred and fifty bucks, which is still a lot of money. I mean, let’s be honest here, that’s still a lot of money, but it’s not a thousand dollars. Here’s what’s really cool, though. You can upgrade double your storage to 128 gigabytes for just $50 more, Now when you hear 6.1-inch display, you might think, wow, is pretty big, but actually side by side with the iPhone 10 or iPhone 10s.

iPhone XR Cool Features

It really doesn’t look much bigger at all, even though it is physically bigger. And even though 6.1 inches for a phone sounds like a lot, really it isn’t when compared to the iPhone 10. And especially when compared to the iPhone 10 as Max, which is absolutely mammoth compared to the iPhone XR, as you can see right here.


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But what really stands out about the iPhone 10, Artemis, is that Apple isn’t asking customers to make a bunch of compromises. No. Most of the features that you find with the flagship phones, including the brand new 8:12 bionic processor, are included with the iPhone XR nearly 10 hour, does have three gigabytes of RAM, just like the 10 s max in the 10 s have four gigabytes of RAM. So that is a difference there.

iPhone XR Hidden Features

But when you run the geek bench benchmarks for the c_p_u_, you’re going to notice that the 10 R a no slouch, as you can see right there. Here it is actually performing a little bit better than a 10 s max. As you can see, excellent bang for the buck. And it doesn’t stop there. You get the same enhanced wide-angle camera with that largest sensor. The same one you find on 10s and 10s Max.

And as we’ve previously explained, because Apple kept the number of megapixels the same, it means larger pixels, which can, in turn, gather more light, which results in better low light performance. This camera is really good. Let me test it out for you. Let me show you what I mean here. So I have a setup here in low light conditions. Here’s my iPhone 10. Take the same photo with the 10 R almost 10 tennis. And once we zoom in, the difference is apparent immediately much more.


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Greaney results from the iPhone 10 when compared to the 10 R like the 10 as in tennis match. You get the same true depth the front-facing camera that’s been upgraded to support 60 frames per second 10 ATP video capture right there from the front-facing camera. Whoever thought we’d see something like that 10 ATP, 60 frames per second front-facing camera. Downright amazing. And it’s here on these so-called budget iPhone because this is a legitimate true death camera with all the bells and whistles right there in that center housing area.

You get things like emojis. So for the first time, budget users and I use the term budget lightly because 750 bucks are not budget in my opinion, but budget users now have access to animate emojis. So it should be a lot more pervasive now that more people can gain access to it in emoji of course. Is there as well. A new feature for Iowas 12 allowing you to create your own custom emoji. And even though the 10 R lacks the dual-camera setup with that extra telephoto lens, you can still use portrait mode.

iPhone XR Secrets

Everyone looking for iPhone XR Secrets Now granted, it only works with people unlike the dual-camera portrait mode, but it’s still really impressive. You get a wide-angle view and you get better low light performance because it’s using that wide-angle lens and you have the ability to adjust the depth of field in post for portrait mode photos. You can go from F-16 to F 1.4 and adjust the background blur in the post. One of the things, I raved about in my iPhone 10 as features video was smart HDR and it’s super impressive.


It’s just as impressive here on the XR skipping all the technical jargon. It just means your photos are going to look better when there are extremely light or extremely dark elements in those photos. Thanks to the multiple microphones on the tin. Ah, you can record sound in stereo when you’re recording videos and you play it back on your iPhone directly since it has stereo speakers or export it. Hopefully, you can hear that left and right sound separation.

How To Use iPhone XR

And like the 10 s when shooting 30 frames per second videos and low light, it can automatically lower the frame rate to help out in less than ideal lighting conditions. Face I.D. is available on the iPhone XR, which is great. It allows you to unlock your phone with your face. Easy to setup. Let me show you how easy it is. So you do look at the screen and territorial your head around like that. Once all the green bars are fall, just tap and continue and do it one more time.

Just rotate your head. And we’re done. Super simple, super easy. Keep in mind that face I.D. Up until now has been exclusive to the high-end iPhone. It’s a welcome addition. The most obvious difference between the 10r in the 10s are the colors, right?


There are six different brilliant colors to choose from, including white, black, blue, yellow, coral in product red. Now I opted for the blue iPhone 10. Ah, and really even this video. But definitely, the press images don’t do it justice. Look at the color-matched anodized aluminum band and the antenna lines. Ganna appreciates the attention to detail there.

iPhone XR Tips and Tricks 2019

It’s like a rebirth of the colorful iPhone 5c of yesteryear, which is one of my favorite iPhones ever. And there’s a new iPhone 10 hour centric wallpaper. These bubble wallpapers come in all sorts of colors to match the various colors of the iPhone XR, for instance, I especially like the look at the blue bubble on the blue iPhone. I just think it looks great, but lots of new wallpaper there to choose from. Find what works for you. And Apple has what are calling.

I love Apple’s marketing liquid retina display. iPhone XR Tips and Tricks 2019 Only Apple would come up with something that sounded so ridiculous, but it is a very impressive l_c_d_ display. Obviously, it has backlights your nether and gets those rich deep blacks that you get from Poland. But it’s nonetheless an impressive display. And obviously, if you’re looking at it from an angle, especially in a dark environment, that backlights gonna become a little bit more obvious. But if you’re looking straight at the iPhone, 10 R  actually pretty good.

And it’s so impressive how they were able to get that all-screen design with the LCD going all into the corners like that.


And here’s another thing. The colors are super accurate on the iPhone. 10 R and it supports wide color. So you saw while you didn’t see the white-colored test on the iPad, the entry-level iPad I just showed you. But here you can actually see the logo because it supports white color. You couldn’t see it on the iPad because the iPad didn’t support white color. But here’s where things get really interesting. When you think of battery life, you think automatically get the biggest iPhone, right?

iPhone XR’s Amazing Features

The iPhone 10 s max is going to be the best with battery life, right? No, the iPhone 10 or has the best battery life of any iPhone ever. It matches talk time and audio playback of the iPhone 10 as max and actually surpasses the 10 s max in internet usage and video playback. That’s crazy. Good battery life. Now, you made it this far into the video. I’m pretty sure you figured out by now that there is no home button on the iPhone 10. Ah. So what does that mean? Well, it means you use the iPhone 10. Ask gestures so you can swipe up and hold for a second to invoke the apps, which I know there are other ways to do that, folks. I know some people are going to comment. There are other ways to do that, Jeff. Yeah, it’s cool. You can also swipe to left or to the right on the home indicator to switch between apps to just so many different gestures.

When you think of tap to wake, you usually think of OLED displays. But here on the iPhone XR, you get tapped awake on a LED display, which is really cool. I love to have to wake once you use it. Never want to go back. So, I’m happy to know that the 10:00 hour has it.


And then the last feature will touch on her as really funny, huh? Is haptic touch which is basically glorified long pressing with haptic feedback. 3D touch isn’t included, which is a bummer admittedly, but haptic touch does work in specific areas on your phone. So, ladies and gentlemen, that has been a look at some of the top iPhone XR features. But should you buy an iPhone 10 or should you hold off? We’ll consider that in an upcoming article.

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