Apple has introduced the new Liquid Retina LCD display for the iPhone XR. It might be an LCD, rather than the OLED display in the XS/XS Max models, however, it’s an excellent display.

Colors pop as it is compatible with the P3 wide color gamut and Apple claims that it is the most accurate LCD for color available.

It’s also huge in comparison to Apple’s basic iPhone with a total of 6.1 inches wide it is bigger than the iPhone XS and the biggest LCD Apple is ever put for an iPhone. It’s still just a little smaller than the 6.5-inch OLED display on the XS Max, but it is still a huge screen.

Its Liquid Retina Display is one of the very first LCD Apple has produced that includes Tap to Wake capabilities. And lastly, it includes True Tone for subtle adjustments in accordance with the surrounding light.


Money is important and nothing is more pleasing to our ears than an excellent iPhone experience at a lower cost. iPhone XR is PS250 cheaper than the XS and PS350 less in comparison to its XS Max.

This immediately increases the XR more attractive for those who are looking for a premium Apple smartphone experience without needing to explain to your bank manager the reason you’ve spent up to a quarter of a million dollars on a smartphone.

This price difference does not suggest that Apple has cut significant corners to bring costs down, however it’s the iPhone XR sports many of the same features as the XS (we’ll discuss it in a few minutes).

Apple has launched the XR at a price that is PS749 to get 64GB of storage, PS799 to 128GB, and PS899 for 128GB of storage. If your current contract with your phone is due to expire There are some good bargains available with the Apple iPhone XR cheats. Every day, we review the most affordable prices that are available below.


The iPhone XR is powered by Apple’s latest super-fast and lightning-fast A12 Bionic chip, which is capable of running five trillion transactions per second. The iPhone XR also comes with a next-generation Neural Engine specifically designed for machine learning.

It sounds like a lot of fun however, it implies that the XR is quick, intelligent, and designed to perform well, whether you finish your tasks on the go or get into the new mobile gaming obsession.

The iPhone XR tips also come with iOS 12, Apple’s latest operating system. It’s home to; a space bar, which is accurate screen time insights as well as a variety of brand new Emojis (New Llama! Lacrosse! Smiley faces with three hearts! ).

Are you aware that you have two phone numbers that you use for work, and another to use for personal reasons? It’s the case that the iPhone XR offers dual-SIM support which means you can use the physical nano-SIM in the phone, as well as an electronic SIM.


If there’s one place where the XR is a leader in battery life. Based on our experience, it’ll effortlessly last for an entire day of intensive usage. With a screen that’s lower resolution than its larger siblings, the XR isn’t as demanding of power, which definitely extends the time of use.

For those who are heavy phone users, The XR’s battery lifespan is a compelling reason to consider investing. Why? It means you can get more done without worrying that your phone will give up the ghost before you’ve finished working/gaming/playing music/trawling Instagram.

For a better understanding To put it into perspective, to put it into perspective, the iPhone XR has a battery capacity of 2,942mAh, as compared to 2,658mAh on the iPhone XS. This isn’t a big difference in comparison to the 3174mAh capacity found in the XS Max, either. Remember, the XR costs less.


Another reason you should purchase the XR is Apple’s incredible camera system. It’s among the best available and will improve your video and still abilities. This can be particularly important in the event that your job is shooting reportage or product photos for sharing via social networks.

There’s an entire suite of camera options and features to help you capture quality images. This includes enhanced Portrait mode that includes the latest Bokeh as well as Depth Control.

Apple’s Neural Engine comes in this time, increasing the impact of the front camera’s 7MP and powering Apple’s intelligent TrueDepth camera for Face ID as well as a wide-angle lens 12MP at the back. With features like stabilized optical images Smart HDR, 1080p HD video recording along 3x digital zoom The iPhone XR camera is a perfect companion for mobile photographers.


With 6.1 inches at 6.1 inches, it’s 6.1-inches wide. iPhone XR features are the Goldilocks equivalent of screens that are not too large and yet not too tiny. There’s plenty of space you can play videos and games, so that content doesn’t seem crowded on the screen.

Multi-taskers will also be delighted to know that the XR has support for split-pane apps within the landscape. Yes, we’re aware that people are complaining about the fact that the XR does not have OLED screens but instead sports an LCD screen (326ppi). But, hey, Apple uses arguably the most effective LCD screens and it’s by no is a boring experience.

Its True Tone tech is also included, ensuring that the white balance of the screen is in line with the temperature of lighting around you. The result is reduced strain on your eyes. For instance, Specsavers.